That time I went to India..

I’m a yoga instructor… a curious learner… a feminist… and quite new to this overseas travel thing.

Yep, before going to India this year I’d never been further from Sydney than the north coast of Tasmania. I blame my parents for this; shitty caravan Summer holidays on the coast just did not make for inspired travel nor a sense of the opportunities available to me.

So at the age of 30, I finally got a passport. Then I sat on my hands for a bit longer (two years…) and dreamed of travel. However, actually owning a navy blue, stamp-less passport was a bit sad and its very existence meant I had no excuses really. So when I saw an opportunity to go to my No.1 Most Exciting Country Ever Hoped to Visit, I knew I had to bite the bullet. I booked my place in a yoga and ayuveda retreat, I then booked my return flights. I had $380 worth of vaccines.

This blog is what happened next…

  1. India: Impressions
  2. India: Arrival
  3. India: Treatment
  4. India: Walking
  5. India: Pitta
  6. India: Ayurveda
  7. India: Ashram
  8. India: Saree
  9. India: Tourists
  10. India: Blue

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